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Flash Fiction Festival 2018

It was a treat to be in Bristol for the UK's Flash Fiction Festival. Last year, the anthology containing my Bath Novella-in-Flash Award-winning story (Ad Hoc Fiction) and stories by Joanna Campbell and Ingrid Jendrzejewski, was launched there. This year, the winners are published in "In the Debris Field," the anthology with stories by Luke Whisant, Victoria Melekian and Jack Remiel Cottrell. The judge who chose the winning novellas-in-flash both this year and last, Meg Pokrass, and the next edition's judge, Michael Loveday, are amongst those who touted their new books, "Alligators in the Night" (Ad Hoc Fiction) and "Three Men on the Edge" (V. Press), respectively. It's a special thrill to be see these and other new collections of flash fiction by some of the most vibrant minds around. Writing flash fiction is a fascinating way to tell a story. Very short, but richly layered. A bit like the experience of the festival itself, with its hands-on workshops, readings and other presentations. This new festival is only in its second year, but it's becoming a go-to event for writers of "flash" in the UK and beyond.

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